Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is often viewed as a necessary evil by large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and government organizations. We have found strategic planning does not have to be a burdensome, meeting-intensive process. Rather strategic planning, the process, can provide a valuable road map to ensure your resources – time and money, are being used effectively.
The Laverty Group can help you capture the power of strategic planning to chart a course, navigate that course, and achieve your desired goals, objectives, and outcomes through execution and implementation.

Leadership Transitions
Change happens! Leadership changes take place routinely. Effective planning for transitions can ensure successful leadership changes, changes that often disrupt ongoing operations. Leadership transitions occur every time a leader assumes a new position and must lead others with a new role and responsibility. The Laverty Group can help leaders plan and implement a successful transition.

The challenges of leadership are often greatest when there is a leadership transition. The Laverty Group can facilitate the development and implementation of a transition plan specific to your situation and needs. Using a robust model with proven steps and techniques, we can ensure a smooth and successful transition, whether a CEO or a staff leader.