Forest Management Plans
The Laverty Group’s extensive knowledge and experience allow us to develop and prepare resource management plan recommendations tailored for each unique tract of land. We provide our clients an in-depth overview of their forest resources and collaboratively develop recommendations that best meets their goals and objectives.

We offer a suite of forest management services for all types of landownerships. We assist clients in defining their goals and objectives for their unique property. The Laverty Group works collaboratively with landowners through the planning process to help them clearly understand and prioritize the work that needs to be done while identifying opportunities for tax savings, wildland fire mitigation, aesthetics, wildlife habitat improvement, and sustainable forest conservation.

Depending on your specific goals and objectives, a forest management plan might include some of the following elements:
• Forest maps, boundaries, and roads
• Your objectives
• Watershed and water quality protection
• Sustainable forestry and conservation goals
• Wildfire mitigation recommendations
• Vegetation management recommendations

Wildfire Mitigation Planning
The Laverty Group’s experience in wildfire planning and mitigation is instrumental in helping landowners understand the inherent risk of living in fire adapted ecosystems and the urgency for action. The Group and associates recommend and explain specific steps landowners can take to protect their property from wildfire.

Forest Inventory
Forest inventory provides you information about the timber resources on your specific tract or parcel. The inventory is the first step in assessing the status, condition and value of your forest resources. We measure the timber type, size, species and density on your individual parcel and provide you with data and information about your forest resource.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)
Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) are tools developed for communities to address their wildfire risk. These plans have proven to promote collaboration and local action to treat hazardous fuels and vegetation. A CWPP identifies and prioritizes areas for treatment. The Laverty Group can assist communities in the planning, community involvement and development of a CWPP that will ensure the risks of wildfire are reduced.

Timber Harvest Administration
Successful timber harvest administration requires careful planning and field layout, contract compliance, and close supervision. Our long working relationships with industry contacts and professional operators, and close monitoring of available markets ensure the best results for our clients.

Thinning is an active forest management tool to help landowners manage vegetation. Where fuels are abundant, wildfire can be uncontrollable and destructive. Thinning breaks up the continuity of fuels and reduces the impact of wild fire. We can locate suitable contractors, negotiate prices and supervise fuel treatment operations.

Reforestation Services
We know trees! We know what trees need to grow and thrive in Colorado. Allowing us to help you choose and plant the types of trees for your specific property that meets your goals and objectives demonstrates good land stewardship. We can assist you in determining the proper type of site preparation needed to prepare your site for successful planting, as well as contracting with reliable tree planters and inspecting the work quality.

Defensible Space Inspections
We know fire! Creating defensible space around your home is the best insurance policy you can consider to protect your property from wildfire. We can assist you in designing and implementing the necessary measures and steps that will reduce a fire’s intensity and make your property able to withstand the impacts of wildfire.

Forest Agriculture Plans
Landowners in Colorado may voluntarily enroll in the Forest Ag program which offers similar tax valuation as that of traditional agriculture lands. The program, administered by the Colorado State Forest Service promotes forest health and stewardship, utilization of forest products, sustainable forest management, and help keep “forests forests”. Landowners with 40 acres or more of forested land may participate in the program. To enroll, the land owner must have an approved forest management plan prepared by a professional forester. The Laverty Group’s certified professional foresters can prepare your plan and assist in your enrollment in the program.

Community Engagement
Based on decades of engaging communities in conversations regarding natural resource management, we know public involvement. We can design and implement public engagement strategies that not only provide information and identify collaborative solutions, but build trust and support for project purpose, design and implementation.

Forest Management Plans
A forest management plan is your blueprint outlining a series of actions or recommendations leading to the achievement of your goals and objectives for your property. Since each property is unique, each forest management plan is tailored specifically to each individual landowner’s goals and objectives.

Wildlife Habitat Management
Our group of wildlife biologists, foresters and natural resource professionals can help you enhance your property for hunting, bird watching, or general wildlife. Regardless of the size of your property, whether it is an urban back yard, a “back forty”, or more than a section, you can set goals and take the proper steps to improve your property for wildlife. Every piece of property is important to the big picture. As natural resource professionals, we understand managing properties for multiple uses, including creating healthy habitats for wildlife. As forestland consultants with over a century of natural resource management experience, we have the seasoned background and practical knowledge to help you enhance your property for the uses you prefer.